About Me

meI’m an enthusiastic gym nut rather than any kind of trained professional Personal Trainer. But I’ve pretty much seen it all over my (rather extensive now) years.

As someone who spends more time in the gym than is probably considered ‘healthy’, you get to learn a lot. Dedicated gym users and body builders are a seriously knowledgeable bunch, and they know what works and doesn’t work. They know how to build muscle and get the most out of any workout. And it’s that same knowledge that helps us see through the hype and BS to know what products help and those that don’t.

It’s always wise to get professional advice if you’re in any doubt about any supplement or exercise plan you’re thinking of undertaking. And especially so if you have any kind of health condition or are taking any medications. Safety first – get it signed off by a qualified advisor or doctor first.

Now give me 3 more reps.