Are Creatine Supplements Suitable For Women?

Creatine supplements are perfectly suitable for any woman who is looking to strengthen body muscles and improve their fat burning capabilities. Some creatine supplements are now being marketed directly for women, but the truth is you can use the same products as the men.

While creatine formulas for male athletes and gym enthusiasts have long been one of the most popular ‘tools’ in their supplement locker – historically women have tended to avoid them. That is changing, and with good reason, creatine works just as well for women as it does for men!

What benefits can be expected?

Women who are into lifting weights will find good quality creatine supplements can make them significantly stronger during a workout – meaning you can work harder and for longer. Giving you bigger and better results from your gym time.

It works two ways. Firstly by directly boosting your bodies natural energy source (Adenine Tri-Phosphate or ATP) – which is what helps you work longer and harder. But it also boosts hydration to your muscle cells, which indirectly boosts your bodies ability to make muscle protein.

Your workouts are more productive and your recovery times are better after those punishing workout sessions, all leading to your body becoming leaner and denser more quickly.

So when you use a creatine formula you should find you have far greater reserves of energy, and can therefore achieve a far greater “pump” during workouts.

There are pros and cons of using creatine, and we will look at some of the major concerns women have regarding creatine usage shortly, but first let’s get something straight about the use of these supplements no matter who is using them.

You have got to give it your all

Creatine does not work on it’s own. It’s benefits come from because you can work harder in the gym, so you have to put the two things together and put 100% into your workout schedule. And of course maintain a good diet, that’s a given.

These two things are fundamental for any fitness fan looking to reach and exceed their targets, but it is particularly important if you are going to invest in a creatine supplement.

Before you commit to creatine make sure you have the commitment required in terms of your workout and your diet. If you play your part, creatine can help you go even further!

Reasons why women are hesitant to use creatine

Even though creatine is one of the most popular supplements out there, and has been for a very long time, there are still lots of misconceptions about its downsides.

Here are the two main concerns women have with comments on each:-


Bloating can occur, but it needs to be understood that this is not the same as a typical ‘monthly bloat’.

Creatine carries a lot of water with it around your body – and the general temporary bloating (or softening of muscle definition) people sometimes experience happens where you get creatine that isn’t being absorbed by your muscles. Your kidneys will handle it and get rid of the excess via urine.

But to avoid or minimise this in the first place, take creatine when you workout (up to an hour before or right after). Or on non-workout days, first thing in the morning. The aim is to deliver it to your body when your body is most thirsty for those extra nutrients, so your muscles will absorb them better.

Diarrhea and stomach aches

This is another oft-mentioned downside of creatine, but studies have indicated these problems are nowhere near as common as believed. In many reported instances these problems were caused because recommended dosages were exceeded.

If you do find you have problems, the fix can be as simple as slightly reducing how much you take. Just tweak to get maximum benefit for your bodies requirements.

The bottom line

The use of such supplements is a perfectly acceptable way to go. Creatine for women is just as safe, effective, and beneficial for you as it is for the men. And the results for your workout really can be impressive.

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